Escaping Retail Hell: Owner Makes Everything Wrong, Pisses Off Skilled Employee
Netflix Fails: Star Trek's New Generation



Grandma's been knitting drunk again


He might be trying for smouldering and moody but he really looks pissed off. Mummy made him wear it.


I don't see pissed off. I see "trying not to look embarrassed wearing this ridiculous thing how can anyone think this is good oh my god are they photographing this really" on his face.


'Be a model they said, you'll get all the girls they said'


Kitai, he's doing a fashion show. The entire purpose of that is to wear stupid looking shit, so he shouldn't be surprised...


Does anybody really understand those fashion shows anyway?


Absolutely, Samus, someone gets a really silly idea, they make it, they then smoke some really good shit and make a shed load more monstrosities and put them on show for stupidly rich people to buy at a ridiculous profit.

I wish I was that twisted.


Note to self:
Must watch Zoolander.

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