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Laziest Coworker Story: "Nope, I Won't Do It."


LAZYCOWORKERSFrom: Sapphires13

I work at a department store with the letter K in its name, and an affinity for a blue light bulb. I'm really loving it here, but that's another post entirely.

So at this job, I am not a cash register slave. I work softlines, which means: clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, fitting rooms, and layaway.

The other day, I got in at 4 PM. I went to the break room area to put my purse in my locker and my drink in the fridge, and when I was done, I decided to clock in on the Layaway register, since it was right there. The day shift lady was there, unpacking some stuff from a Layaway box. I knew what she was doing, because I'd just learned it myself the other day: when we have delinquent Layaway contracts, we have to put the stuff back out onto the floor for other people to buy. I thought nothing of it, and went on my way.

Things got busy for a while. We had a rush come in, and I ended up having to ring people from the front at the jewelry counter. While I was up there, I saw the day shift layaway lady leaving at 6 PM. Her shift was over. I said goodbye.

Finally I got back over to the fitting room, where we softlines ladies (usually only two of us at night) congregate to fold pants and t-shirts, hang other items, and organize them to get them back on the floor. At any time, we'll have: stuff that fell off the racks, returns from the service desk and registers, and things customers left in the fitting room.

So my coworker and I meet up there.... and there is a FULL cart parked there that wasn't there before. I start sorting through it. Everything's already on the right hangers, and/or folded properly. There are also a few hardlines items in the cart (most noticeably, a large frying pan), which makes me think this cart didn't come from the service desk (they sort hardlines from softlines at their counter, and only send us our stuff). Then it dawns on me.

Day shift lady. This is the stuff she pulled from Layaway two hours ago, and rather than putting it up herself, she just left it for us. There was also a ton of stuff on the fitting room rack from the day shift that she'd left for us instead of putting away.

Coworker tells me that this particular woman has said before that she won't do run-outs (putting stuff up). Grrrrr.




Sales Agent Guy

I doubt she'll even get written up, either! Because you know how these lazy types are: Always threatening some sort of countermeasure to keep their job!


I bet the manager said either do your job or get the fuck out.

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