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Carolanne say whatFrom: violetshockwave

We're a fairly small grocery store and we mainly employ kids in high school looking for an alternative to McDonalds for their first job. Usually they aren't a problem aside from the occasional drama fest or immature jokes. However we recently got this one boy working the register that just... just... ugh... He is 16 and has been here a few weeks. Let us call him Ray.

Ray is the slowest cashier we have but insists on working our express lane so he doesn't have to bag a lot of items. Even the 60+ year old women are faster than he is. Every time he works our lines get backed up but our manager, instead of fixing the problem, pulls someone from the office to get on register. So, an area that has at most two people working at a steady pace is reduced to one with two lines of people to take care of because this one guy can't scan a few cans. Not only that but he just can't seem to grasp the simplest of rules/procedures around the store.

I was working office alone and here's Ray on register calling for me to pick up. Cashiers only do this if they have a problem. I have two lines and am currently counting a customer's $1,547 for a money order. After I finish counting, with three more calls from dear Ray, I finally pick up.

I still have about seven people combined in the two lines I'm running and had to ask them to wait just to talk to him. His big emergency, what he bothered me and made his customer wait for, was that he had let two pennies drop in his register and didn't know what to do.

A little annoyed I tell him, "Well I guess you'll be two cents short tonight Ray," and hang up.

About twenty minutes later he calls again and asks, "Were you serious about that penny thing?"

And I have to tell him yes unless he wants to crawl under his register (which is disgusting) through the service door and find the two pennies. He just hangs up on me.

So this same night I catch him bitching out our only bagger. She's an older woman from India and her English isn't the best but she's pretty cool. I see this while I'm on break and he calls her lazy because she wouldn't stop what she was doing to come bag his probably 20-30 small items so he didn't have to.

We have six cashiers and one bagger, if she's not at your register then you bag it yourself. Dem's da rules.

Tired of this I go over and call him off his register. I explain to him that he has no right to speak like that to someone who a) is his elder, b) has seniority over him and c) isn't doing anything wrong. I pretty much politely lay into him that he's on the express lane and he's the last person that needs a bagger. While all the other cashiers are getting 100 to 300 dollars worth of stuff to ring up he can ring and bag three orders in the time it would take them to do one. (Tis true, I often worked the express line and would time my orders compared to the others when I was bored.) The last thing I said was that if I see this again then I'm going to get the manager to handle his attitude.

LAZYCOWORKERS"Okay," is all I get.

The rest of the night goes by just fine but when I get ready to leave I see someone sitting out in their car. I walk outside a little wary, being paranoid as always. There in the car is Ray and who I assume is his mother.

She gets out and comes up to me in the parking lot and starts bitching about how I mistreated her son and I have no right to talk to him like that. Before answering I take a quick look. I'm off the store's property, off the clock, and out of uniform. Perfect.

I rip this woman a new one about how her son is lazy, can't understand simple things after they've been repeated to him tons of times, and feels the need to verbally abuse other coworkers. Her son is an ass and her showing up to bail him out after he was talked to by his supervisor (me) for his actions is not helping. I tell her that she's probably the reason he thinks he gets to act like this, then just call mommy dearest if someone says anything to him.

She looked sorry of stunned at first then hell fire rose up behind her as she got over her shock Sadly she didn't say anything back but I kind of wish she did cause I was on a roll. She just stalked off to her car and left.

I was just going to leave it at me talking to him for talking to our bagger like that, but after his call to mom, I decide that I'm going to be writing Ray up for this.

I talked to my manager about the issues we had with Ray. Turns out I'm not the first person that he sicked Mommy on! He did the same thing to my grandmother (who works with me and has been at this store for ten years now) because she caught him taking an hour break when for his schedule he's allowed one 15 minute break.

Mommy met with her in the parking lot and complained that since my grandmother isn't a manager she has no right to tell her little boy what he can and can't do. 


I made my complaint but if nothing gets done (which, it might not knowing my manager) I'm considering going over his head and talking to the owner of the store.




Sales Agent Guy

Come on, calling your MOTHER over trouble at work? This guy needs a lesson in how jobs work!


Wow. Just wow. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what's wrong with some of the newest generation! "You can't yell at my precious RayRaykins!"


Believe me, Samus, they aren't any different than the previous ones. I've encountered this from my younger years too. You get over-protective mothers in all generations, they need a good reality check.


If I was told my future kid was acting like this, there would be some ass whooping. I was taught respect, manners, and not being an ass by my mom, so this mommy dearest doesn't know how to be a good mom.


Cut the umbilical cord, mommy! Or Ray, whichever is the more dependent one.

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