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Laziest Customer Story: Sweet, Aromatic Justice


Jason so thereFrom: fyrenwater

I was doing go backs when a customer walks up to me.

Customer: "Is this a man's perfume or a woman's perfume?"

Me: "I'm not sure. I don't actually work in this area, but I can lead you to a worker who can help you."

They ignore my words entirely.

Customer: "Is this a man's perfume or a woman's perfume?"

I internally sigh.

Me: "May I please see the box?"

They don't hand it over at all, but instead begrudgingly turn it to show the front, like they're doing me a big favor by showing me. It's a gold box with no obvious signs of any specific gendered scent.

Me: "I'm not sure. I can ask a coworker which-"

Customer: "This is your job."

Me: "Sorry, I don't actually work in perfumes. I can lead you to a coworker who knows if it's-"

Customer: "This is YOUR job!"

They roughly shove the box into my arms and then stand there expectantly. I was half expecting a temper tantrum.

I walk all of 10 feet to the perfume counter. Meanwhile, the customer is loudly complaining to themself about "stupid workers".

The perfume worker, who was trying to flag down the customer this whole time, tells me it's a woman's perfume. I return with the information and box.

Me: "This is a woman's perfume."

I offer the box back, but the customer looks at it like one would look at a dead fish.

Customer: "I don't want it. I want a man's perfume."

I tuck the perfume under my arm.

Entitled custiesMe: "If you come with me, I can show you where the men's perfu-"

Customer: "Get it."

Me: "....I'm sorry?"

They point at a box of perfume on a nearby shelf.

Customer: "Get it!"

They go back to loudly complaining to themself about "stupid workers."

I walk all of 10 feet, pick up the men's counterpart to the box under my arm, and stride back. I offer it to the customer, who snatches it from my hands. They turn around, ignoring me to look at perfume again.

You're fucking welcome. I think to myself. I glance over at the perfume worker. She gives me a "some people..." look and points to where the woman's perfume goes. I walk another ten feet around a corner to the shelf, replace the perfume, and straighten up boxes.

Suddenly, I hear a loud clatter. I lean around the corner and see that Lazy McDemands had, in their infinite wisdom, decided to lean against a rickety shelf and had knocked over the expensive Paris Hilton perfumes, some of which were starting to leak on the floor.

I glance over to the perfume worker, who has the biggest shit-eating grin on her face. She regains her composure and replaces it with a look of pity, then goes over to customer to clean up and tell them about the "you break it, you buy it" policy.

Sweet, aromatic justice.




Tech Support Survivor

I hope she stank for a week.

Sales Agent Guy

I hope she also lost a lot of money!


Sweet, sweet instant karma.

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