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Michigan Woman Refuses To Ever Eat Domino's Again Because She Recieved a Vulgar Note On Her Receipt -- TWICE!



From Huff Po:

Keenyatta Robinson refuses to give her dough to Domino's Pizza after discovering a vulgar note on two receipts.

Robinson's daughter recently ordered a pizza from a Domino's in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

When she saw the receipt, something bothered her (and it wasn't the price of the pie).

On the receipt were three words, two of them offensive: "f*** this c***".

"I don’t understand why they would treat me this way," Robinson told WXYZ TV. 

Robinson decided to see if it was an accident, so she placed another order. 

"When I came to pick it up that receipt had the same vulgar language,” she told the station.

Robinson believes the receipts are in retaliation for the time in 2014 when she complained about not getting the sausage pizza she ordered.

The manager told her she would no longer be served, and she complained to his superiors.

Ronnie Asmar, Director of Operations at Domino’s, said that manager was later terminated, in part, for being rude to customers.

"His parting gift to us was putting that vulgar comment in her phone number’s notes,” Asmar told the station.

Apparently, no one noticed the comment until Robinson pointed it out.

Asmar has tried to apologize to her and offered a gift certificate to make it up to her, but Robinson refuses to accept it -- ever.

via Huffington Post





They already fired the culprit. What does this crusty want? The thirst for revenge can never be slaked.

Seems she is doing very little to refute the vulgar assessment of her character implied in the comment.


1389 where, exactly, do you see entitlement? She ordered a pizza. Twice. It was not what she ordered. She filed a complaint with the manager. Manager decided she complained too much and refused to serve her. She was dissatisfied with this treatment (and I agree with her) so she escalated the complaint to corporate. Eventually the manager was terminated. Before doing so he "got revenge" with the nasty comments on her account.

When she learned about the comment the first time she chose to test it. Was it a one-time thing or was it a recurring thing? To me, this says she was prepared to forgive the store and company for a one time event. That something like this was overlooked TWICE upset her. She even says that she CALLED and placed the second order which means that she spoke to someone who had to review her account. I could, almost, forgive them if she'd placed both online. Someone should have reviewed the comments for regular special instructions. Now she's choosing to vote with her wallet and not patronize this company again. She hasn't demanded a refund (that I can tell either by way of the video or other news reports) or free food. She isn't asking for existing employees to be terminated. She's just saying "I'm never coming back."

And she, or someone she knew, alerted the media. That might have been a bit overkill. But the media loves consumer advocacy stuff and this is also a good way to force the stores to review other comments closely to be sure they rectify anything else left by the manager.

So what is she perporting to be "entitled" to? We all agree that the customer is not *always* right. But that doesn't mean they are always wrong. They're right sometimes. And I think that she's right in this case.

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