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Nasty Ass Thief: Ballsy, But Not Going To Work


Nasty Ass ThievesFrom: Gothic_Sunshine

This story comes secondhand, because I was off that day.

Some guy came into our store, grabbed one of our huge paper gift bags, and just started walking around throwing candy bars in it until it was full. Then  he tried to walk right out the door.

Naturally, he was being followed by a supervisor since about halfway through his little spree, because that whole plan was obvious as fuck.

He didn't call the cops. Takes them so long to show up it isn't worth it. Just retrieved the stolen merchandise and banned him from the store.

The supervisor counted all the candy bars afterwards, and it was over a hundred.

I don't know why that guy ever thought that was going to work.




Sales Agent Guy

Said it before, I'll say it again: Stupid is as stupid does!


What a dumb ass. XD


He kind of got away with it. No candy, but no arrest, either.

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