Toy Fails: Stoned Yoda Offers Wisdom
Engineering Fails: Making It Work



I call that the microwave, which interferes with the wireless something horrible. On the bright side, I use it as a convenient alarm to know when dinner's ready and start heading upstairs.


Jesus fucking A! How do they turn it all back on? Twist it the opposite way or is it on a timer?

Okay, a google search shows that the cut off is only for thirty minutes max and for certain devices like the mobiles, you must first have a specific app or two downloaded onto those devices.

But seriously? I see this causing far more problems than fixing any.


I think it's stupid. If you want your electronics off then just turn them off. Why buy some fancy device that you have to set up on everything?

Do people actually use pepper mills in real life? In my house we don't even have pepper, never mind a mill to grind it up in like we are in some fancy restaurant.


I've got salt/pepper mills in my house, though generally only usually get them out if we have guests around. I think it's less of a taste thing and more of a texture one as it comes out more coarse than grainy, if anything.


I use tons of pepper, and fresh ground pepper is a lot more flavorful than preground. I've got at least three different mills, although I only mainly use one.

This thing would be hilariously illegal, any sort of jamming device is. For the mobile thing, it'd be fine, because you have to have an app as Kiddo says, but if it blocks wifi, it's not going to just block YOUR wifi...


Whatever happened to just telling your kids to turn off the tv or game. Parents are too interested in being their kids friend.


Catlady, I completely agree with you. Gods forbid parents actually parent instead of being buddies.

Grow some spines parents, I'm fed up with everyone blaming technology for the worlds ills instead of taking the responsibility themselves. It's just a bit more than pathetic that they have to resort to trickery.


Here's how it worked when I was a kid. After schoolwork, I would watch a movie or show via VHS. My mom would say, "Dinner time!" I'd grab the remote, pause the video, turn off the TV, and go the table. That was the rule, that's how things were, and if you followed the rules, you got to return to your video when dinner was done.

It's easy, set rules early, stick with them, don't reward bad behavior, don't give into tantrums, and eventually it becomes normal for the kids and they follow it usually with little issues. At least, that's how it worked when I was a kid. XD

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