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Super Mario Takes On a Cake


From Viral Viral Videos:

Super Mario Brothers is without a doubt the most famous video game out there. The first stage, 1-1, has been recreated and parodied countless of times. But this may be the first time someone remade the level in sugar and flour. 

Using a stop motion camera, Gamerboymedia recreated level 1-1 on a delicious birthday cake. This video from 2014 has only gone viral now with over 150,000 new views!



Drunk Custy Encounters: Let Me Use Your Phone To Call My Phone!


Carolanne chugFrom: rubyginger

So, my time working in an entertainment store was pretty calm and normal mostly. This guy was a pretty big highlight of my time there.

This guy comes in, with his pretty young son, very very drunk. He comes up to my counter, while I'm helping someone, and demands I look up a cd for him. I tell him I'll help him after I'm through with the customer. No big deal.

I look up his cd and we don't have any. I can just smell the liquor on him so bad. His son looks so embarrassed.

They spend some time in the store and eventually purchase something (I forgot what), and after viciously talking my ear off, they leave.

I continue helping customers, when the guy comes back in maybe 5 minutes later. He looks distraught.

"Can you call my phone? I can't find it; just, call it real quick and I'll run to the truck to find it."

My first reaction is "Are you kidding me?" But whatever. I have no one in line at this point. I call his phone on the company line. He runs outside as best a drunk person can.

No answer, so I hang up. He comes back in. "Can you do it one more time please?"

Begrudgingly, I do. Two more times. Nothing. I'm helping a customer this time when he storms back in. He's mad.

Him: "Can you please just call it one more time? Please."

Me: "Sir, I'm helping a customer, and I don't think it's in your truck. We've tried 3 times." I'm trying to be polite but I'm over this guy.

Him: "Please?? Just hand me your phone, I'll call it again from your phone."

My personal phone? Hell no. The people I'm helping look at the guy, realize he is drunk, and get uncomfortable looks.

Me: "Sir, I'm sorry, I'm not going to do that for you. I'm not going to give you my phone."

Him: "Seriously?"

Yeah he really thought I was going to just give him my phone without a second thought.

Me: "Yes. I can't help you anymore sir. Have a good night."

He sighs loudly and shoves the door open when he leaves. The customers I was helping look at me in sympathy. I just shrug and hand them their stuff and tell them to have a nice night.

Don't drink and drive kids.