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Parking Bitch McMuffintop Ends With Poor Word Choice


InSecurityGreetings again RHU, tis I, InSecurity with a tale about Miniboss.

I got the call from the parking attendant that there was a woman he needed help with, who was being abusive when he requested she move from over-height parking. We get a lot of chair lift vans, so this is a real concern. I radio Miniboss and he picks up our measuring stick. The measuring stick shows the various levels of the garage you can use depending on the height of the vehicle. (It gets smaller the lower you go).

Miniboss came back shaking his head. Evidently Bitch McMuffintop was just laying into the parking attendant with "THEY said I could park here," "Nobody ever treated me this poorly before," and "My antenna will be damaged by the pipes." and the rest of the lying bullshit spewed by lying ass crustys.

Miniboss goes over and does his spiel of "Hello, I'm Miniboss and what seems to be the difficulty?"

He hears the speech and then tells her that the measuring stick he has has the listed height of each level you can go. Turns out her entire vehicle would fit onto the smallest floor, including her sprung whip antenna (the kind designed to hit stuff and be fine, in fact she was more of a danger to the building than the building to her), just barely for the antenna.

Then she goes and lays into Miniboss, The attendant is sick of it, and decides that she can park here, "Just this one time."

Well, shit on a sandwich, he just gave her permission in perpetuity. Fuck us in the future.

No more than 5 minutes later, she lays into one of our maintenance staff, Preventative Maintenance Man. PMM was getting a coffee from the coffee stand when Bitch lay into him, while waiting for her coffee, about how late she was now and how, "He humiliated me with his pole! I've never been so humiliated in my life!"

I just got an image of Archer in my head saying, "Word Choice," when I heard that.

Peace RHU!





Never give into the tantrum, it only gives the toddler (crusty) the idea that throwing a big enough fit will get them a cookie (their way). You either spank them (tell them to get the fuck out), give them a time out, (a ban), or send them to their room (call the cops).

Kai Lowell

And I thought I was bad with saying inadvertently lewd things without thinking.

Angela Salinas

Don't you mean "phrasing?" :-)

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