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I work at Walmart and we have to match any prices of other stores even if they don’t have an ad to prove it.

(Which of course, you have people coming in demanding they get the Dollar General price for an item, but that’s a whole different story..)

Several times I’ve had people come through my line with only two or three items and make me price match them. They’re both being price matched from the grocery store about 2 minutes away.

Instead of just going to the grocery store and getting their price, they just have to go to Walmart and stand in long lines, whine about said lines, whine about how everything’s moved around, and look annoyed when it takes a moment to price-match things.

I usually don’t mind price matching, but not when it’s the only items you’re getting!!

--Retail Robin




You Wal-mart is much more liberal than here. My old store you had to have the print ad (nothing on phone or online), be the exact same item, size, and it had to be local.

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