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RHU Advice: How To Handle Neighborhood Complaints?


Carolanne hairlessFrom: Janitorgirl

Hello, it's Janitorgirl. A lot of the details of this story will reveal where I work, but this story needs to be told.

I live across the street from the Bullseye location I work at. The building was empty for over 5 years before the city allowed them in; the neighborhood should be grateful, but no. MY neighbors protested it. I wanted to yell, "My grandma owns the building across the street! My family has lived here since 1960!"

Anyway today, after 2 years, the shit hit the fan. We got hit with a "noise ordnance" no delivery trucks between 10 pm and 7 am. Why is this an issue? As I learned on my over night black friday shift grocery gets their one mega truck (all frozen food, all refrigerated food, all produce) at around 1 am. Now they have to get it at 7 am. We open at 7 am.

See the issue? Overnight grocery (which is 5-7 people) was left with nothing to do, while day time grocery (only 2 people start at 7) was in way over their heads. Managers pulled over a dozen people from other departments just so grocery could keep their heads above water.

As a janitor this is not my problem -but It makes me sick. My neighbors did this. My co-workers don't deserve this.

I hope someone will reply with an idea of anything I can do. I'm a resident of the neighborhood, the same as the protesters and I know there are others who also live with in 2 blocks of the store.

Thank you for your time,

May all your custy's be sane (and not impede your store's functions).





How much noise was that truck and all of the attendant unloading making at 1 am? Your neighbors probably didn't just set out to be bitchy; more likely the truck (or unloaders yelling, or the clanging of trailer hitches) kept people awake. Who led the fight for the noise ordinance, and what arguments did they use? If you're going to be able to do anything, you'll have to have a rebuttal to the specific arguments (and "my store hasn't changed staffing to match the new schedule" isn't going to cut it).


Tell your neighbors to ram it up there ass, the world is a noisy place, either deal with it or move.


My place has a similar problem, it's all very NIMBY and even though the people who complain are the same people who bought their houses KNOWING there was a petrol station and shop right there they think they're special and need throw their weight around.

Even more stupid was one of the people employed signed the damn petition to stop us being open 24 hours. Another one who signed the petition also whined and moaned because we had to shut at 10pm because of that petition because he wanted to get some eggs. Idiots.

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