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Sometimes a customer is the one who makes the transaction hell. This is not one of those times. I worked briefly in a famous chain clothing store, at the POS, we didn't have a separate customer service desk so sometimes I handled problems.

Enter woman and her (obviously embarrassed) teen daughter. She explained that she bought a bra for her daughter for a wedding, and it'd given her blisters all along her ribcage. She didn't have the receipt, but the bra was one of our store's own labelled ones and she had the card she paid with. She'd emailed Corporate and was told to come in store so we could refund her and send the bra off for testing, to make sure there's no problem with a batch of them and figure out what went wrong.

I paged a manager as I wasn't sure how to deal with the paperwork, and got to chatting. This girl was so painfully shy, but seemed genuinely sweet, and I could imagine how painful it'd been (She'd brought a printout of a photo of these blisters, and they literally went around her ribcage where the bra would've sat).

Manager eventually arrives, and immediately launches an inquisition.

Not only does she question whether the bra (with Storename sewn on) is one of ours, but flat out tells these people that injuries like that "just can't happen" and cites customer error as the reason her daughter's ribs look similar to Freddy Krueger's face. This one sided blame game goes on for a couple of minutes.

At this point, I'm giving an apologetic glance to the ladies, and point out the email from corporate, which completely derails my manager, and leaves sane logic in her dust.

She demands loudly that this (probably 15 year old) girl show her the injury in the middle of our store, which the poor girl obviously refuses to do, and her mother is trying to explain that the emails exchanged had advised her to basically drop the bra off and collect her money (about £25). Manager keeps on until the teen is almost in tears and other customers look freaked out, then she FINALLY processes the refund and puts through the paperwork, without an apology of any kind, and zero eye contact. The family leave and I get told I could get a disciplinary if I disagree with her or "undermine" her again in front of a customer.

Fast forward a week, and corporate launch an investigation into her behaviour, turns out the family had complained and mentioned her by name (and pointed out I tried to help, even if I couldn't do much).

The real kicker- the bra had formaldehyde in the gel lining and resulted in £150 store credit for the customer, due to "manufacturing errors, and poor customer service," with the company accepting 100% liability.

She was lucky they didn't try to sue or something, but I've never felt so embarrassed or helpless with a customer before!




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