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Carolanne pointFrom: Nievvein

So there I am, jumping on a register as soon as I get back from break. I finish the first person in line and the drawer pops open so I can give her change. Surprise! As soon as I get her the change, I am now out of ones, quarters, pennies, and have maybe two or three of all the other bills/change. I love it when my coworkers do this.

So I put in a change request. I get a few more customers, luckily none with cash, and I put in a request again. I'm getting a little desperate at this point. I do it again, and I see my manager walking towards the register in front of me.

Now comes another customer, and I didn't immediately recognize him although I usually immediately know the trouble ones I've experienced before. I greet him with that wonderful retail smile and began scanning. As soon as my manager started walking past I called out to him, "Hey, I really need that change order right away since I'm out of ones/quarters/pennies."

"Hey!" says the customer loudly. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Um," I gave him the confused raised eyebrow. "I was asking for change as I'm out and have been waiting."

"NO. You are serving me! You don't get to talk to anyone else. You need to talk to me." Cue death glare the rest of the (thankfully) very short transaction.

I really was hoping he would use cash so I could just hand him his receipt without money back and wait until he asked where his change was. "Oh, you wanted change? Well... since I'm only supposed to talk to you, I don't know how in the world I'll let my manager know I need money."

But it was at that point that I remembered him. He did the exact same thing to me a couple of months ago.

I was training a new cashier on her first day, but hopped on a register behind her to take one or two customers with less than five items so I could go back to helping her. I didn't have to help those few customers at the back of her insanely long line. And yet when I got to this same man, he yelled at me in a similar fashion because I had to step to her register for less than 30 seconds to show her how to run a gift card.

He quite literally yelled at me for helping her instead of focusing on him...





I try to check the till when it opens and request money when I need it. I was on a very busy till once and I kept on asking for money using the code but the CSM would not indulge me. I finally broke down and paged her and she yelled at me. She's the type who takes forever giving you money. How could a customer be that selfish and self-centered? Sometimes things come up at the till like you need money or there is a spill you have to clean up and I think customers should understand!


BH, that would require them to NOT be the center of the universe, and that's just unthinkable.

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