Engineering Fails: What a View!
Tales From The Knife Store: Trial By Combat



worse story- i got to mcD's at 11, just past breakfast so i ordered a mcnuggest combo, 1 hashbrown, and 2 mcmuffins.

thhey had ONE cashier and about 20 people trying to fill orders. so when my number was called i just grabbed it.

20 miuntes later i was at home and i pulled out my order; 2 hashbrowns,2 mcmuffins, and 1 mcgriddle sandwich.

the 2 mcmuffins were for my husband so I was grateful those were correct.

the rest i just ate because i was hungry.


Sadly, there probably was cheese in there at one point. When you overcook a mozza stick to the point of annihilation, the breading will still look normal, but all the cheese will burn away. Normal cheesesticks won't do this, they will burst and the breading will burn. There is some magic in the frozen cheesesticks that are sent to delis and fast food that causes this. It makes me almost terrified to eat them. It's probably the same chemical combination that makes them so addicting.

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