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I live and work abroad and it is very hard to get the necessary car parts down here in Bolivia. I urgently needed a part and an opportunity presented itself on Monday of a friend of a friend coming down on Saturday to visit for a few weeks. I ordered the .33 lb control valve early Wednesday morning and paid over 50% of the cost of the product ($23 shipping for a $40 part) for overnight shipping.

I talked to a rep on the phone and confirmed that it would be shipped that day and would arrive on Thursday. (Fine print on the website said it might actually take 24 extra hours.) That was acceptable since the friend of a friend isn't leaving until tomorrow.

She texted me last night and said it hadn't arrived. I called FedEx, and they confirmed that it was shipped ground. It will get there next Tuesday, to a residence with nobody home for three weeks, and it will never do me any good.

I already emailed this morning (they are West Coast) asking for a full refund since they charged me for and confirmed a service that they didn't render.

Spent twenty minutes with a rep and they went with a redirect and refund. Though I'll believe it when I see it... hard to trust considering their decision to take my money and then not deliver int he manner I paid for...




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