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BARHELLFrom: sookielyn20

Hello all, this is gonna be long.

So this incident happened about a week ago at my TGIchilibee's and I can just not wrap my head around it..

So there is a regular who comes in, older guy (60s) and when he comes he always sits at the bar and usually has a prostitute with him... And trust me, that is not a joke. Usually he is polite and so I had no problem serving him. His life choices are his business, so whatever. However, the problem I now have with this regular is that he has turned into a major creep.

One of my fellow bartenders, who I will call Brooke, was closing down the bar and creepy guy was still hanging around and having his usually drink. No problem, she can still do her closing duties with him still there. She was the only one out there and the rest of the servers were closing down the kitchen and I was doing admin stuff. Creepy guy, during the time Brooke was closing asked her, "would you be one of my" girls" for $400/week?" and she told him no, she was not interested. He then proceeded to ask her multiple times, why she was denying him her wishes.. All creepy like. She came back to the office, where I and our manager was located, to tell us what happened and that she was very uncomfortable and that he still had not left.

Well our manager recognizes the inappropriateness of what happened and goes to kick him out but gets slightly distracted so it takes her a few minutes. In the meantime, Brooke had to go get her stuff in order to leave and I went with her to the bar and he asked her again why she kept denying him. I went behind the bar with her to act as a buffer and I ask Brooke if she was ok and creepy guy answers before she can, and says "she is fine", so I looked at him and asked Brooke again until she answered.

So manager finally arrives and it is an hour after close and creepy dude is still sitting there. He had long finished his drink and food and we all agreed he seemed to be waiting for Brooke to leave before he did, probably to follow her out and harass her some more. So we made sure he left before her. Manager tells him it is late and we were all waiting for him to leave before we did with the fakest smile on her face. But as creepy guy was leaving he, of course, had to touch her in some way and so he touched her on the arm as he was saying goodbye.

I told manager that he needed to be banned and refused service from this point on. Especially because this is not the only female bartender he has propositioned.. He has said the same thing to multiple past bartenders. He also makes the male bartenders feel uncomfortable. But even though he has been highly inappropriate he is still allowed service. I just don't understand why.. He came in this week one day and a male bartender was taking care of him but I want to tell my manager that I will not be serving him if he sits at my bar while I am bartending. However, I also do not want to lose my job..

What would you do in this situation? And what kind of person thinks this is okay to do to a person who relies on you for a tip??





"he is still allowed service. I just don't understand why."

Easy: he PAYS for his food/drink and he hasn't physically assaulted anyone. Until he becomes a liability for the store, he'll be welcomed. Threaten to sue the store for the harassment and he'll go away.


Call the police, have a cop buddy sit at the bar, hell, scare him off if you have to, but get him the fuck away before someone ends up assaulted.


He touched her after making it clear he was not done harassing her and after you admitted to having to *make* him leave to allow HER to safely leave the bar. That alone is enough to at least get a police presence at the bar to make sure he isn't going to do anything.

Hell she might even have a case for sexual harassment given the proposition and his insistence on it to the point that he was trying to verbally strong arm her into agreeing to it. If others that he's harassed before are willing to testify, it will strengthen the case.

Tech Support Survivor

I think you need to get some legal advice. I don't know if this would be a civil or legal matter. You can always speak to a police officer. Worst thing they can do is tell you it's not a legal matter.

I really don't know which it would be. Perhaps someone else has some better advice.


Sound like legal advice is the best. Sounds like a "toxic work environment" if management does nothing. At the very least, contact HR, cuz it sounds like it isn't asshat's first rodeo with harassing the bartenders.
Nobody should ever have to put up with not feeling safe at work. If the bosses/company won't act, lawyers or cops probably will.

Misty Meanor

I'd be speaking to a lawyer or someone. That's not right.

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