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Airplane hellFrom: Princessluna44

On an old radio show, the hosts were talking about things not to do on an airline (don't be late, don't drink too much, etc.). The following story was from a caller:

The caller was on a flight from Florida and was seated with a very large family with several small children and some ladies in the back. Virtually everyone on the family was sick (flu?) and the women in the back of plane were quite hung over.

At one point, a little girl from the family complained that she flt sick so her grandma gave her ginger ale, crackers, and then milk (?). Basically loading a cannon. Eventually, they say the need a bag and a stewardess brings a garbage bag. The little girl throws up, grandma throws up, chain reaction among this family ensures.

There was now the heavy stench of vomit in the air (there were only 2 bathrooms, so few made it to those), combined with the poopy diapers of the baby in the family. These wonderful smells trigger the hung over women in the back (remember them?). Naturally, they start puking too. The was a sea of vomit 3,000 miles up.

When asked how he felt about all this, the caller ended his story by saying that, at the time, he prayed, "Dear God, crash the plane".





What's a "poppy diaper"? XD


Gah, I thought I fixed that! Fixed now. XD


You did fix the poppy diaper! That grandmother shouldn't have given her granddaughter milk because dairy is the worst thing to eat with nausea and vomiting. The crackers and ginger ale are fine and are recommended for women with morning sickness!

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