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MistyFrom: Misty Meanor

Hello everyone, longtime poster here with a bit of news about our old friend Sales Agent Guy.

It seems behind the scenes, Sales Agent Guy has been undergoing some issues which involve gender. RI6 has been fully respectful of these issues, but at the same time, has decided to adopt a new code name policy, since Sales Agent Gal just doesn't have the same ring to it. Basically, operatives are assigned names like Oliver Klozoff, Danielle Saloud, Al Kaseltzer, etc.

Hence, the new name for this classic poster is now officially Misty Meanor. (If you don't get it, say it out loud, and if you still don't get it, say it slightly faster.)


And yes, I am officially Misty Meanor. I merely did that as a protocol from RI6. Agent Misty Meanor will still be reporting in from the field of retail hell and giving intel reports, but will now be using female pronouns (she/her/hers.) And if you're wondering, everyone in my workplace is totally cool with this. Some people are still getting used to calling me Misty, but they'll get the hang of it for sure!

For now, this is just a brief, but important update on your favorite retail operative!

May all your customers and co-workers be respectful of personal issues. (Mine sure have been!)

--Misty Meanor




Good on you going for what you need. This is a hug step for you, of course, and I'm really glad it's going so well.

Go-go Gadget Misty!

Angela Salinas

Happy for you! Glad work has been so supportive.

Kai Lowell

Good on you, Misty! I'm currently going through the same issue as you, just reversing the genders - I'm rooting for you! No, wait, pulling for - no - oh balls. I've got your back. How's that? :P

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