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Customer On The Phone To The Store, While In The Store


Custy phone 1From: kudrew12

I was recently promoted to Customer Service in early June and I've been bracing myself for some worthy stories. Hopefully this one is up to standard.

I was working the closing shift at my local grocery store. It was the first night that I would be doing this without somebody training me. So far, so good. The phones had been silent for about 15 minutes and there weren't many customers coming up to the counter which made the night go slowly.

It's about 8pm and the phone rings. I answer with the typical "how can I help you" intro expecting a wide variety of things. Except for this. The caller responds to me, "Hi, I'm in your store right now and need some assistance."

"Oh, you're actually here?"

"Yes, I'm by the meat counter and I'm having a hard time finding the 12 packs of Diet Rite. Can you help me?"

"Yessir. Those will be in aisle 7 with all the other sodas. It should be located toward the middle of the aisle."

"And what was your name again?"

"It's kudrew12."

"Alright, kudrew12, I want you to come find me and show me exactly where they are because I can't find the fucking things."

"Oh, okay... I'll send someone over."

"No! I want you, kudrew12. You seem to know where they are and nobody else can find them. I've got a big beard and a hunting vest on. I should be easy to find."


I called my manager over and told them what was up. They told me to stay behind the counter because I was the only person working Customer Service that night and that they would go find the customer instead. My manager told me beforehand that we might be out of Diet Rite and they would be able to check the inventory easier than I would.

Entitled custiesA few minutes later, the customer comes up to the customer service counter with my manager following behind. The customer starts with, "I want to file a complaint."

"Okay. What is it about?" I'm beginning to reach for the complaint forms when he responds.

"Nobody in this store listens to directions. I specifically asked for you because I thought you were smart enough to know where a 12 pack of Diet Rite would be and could help me find it. I guess I was wrong. I didn't want this other guy cause he's telling me you're out! I bought some here yesterday! There's no way those are out of stock!"

"Well, sir, it is on sale and I can write a rain check for you. Those won't expire and we should have some Diet Rite in stock again tomorrow morning when the vendors come in." My manager nods and confirms that we can do this for the customer.

"I don't have time for a fucking rain check. I came in here for Diet Rite and I'm not happy with the way you all run your store. Are you (pointing at me) so privileged that you can't come out from behind the fucking counter?"

My manager replies, "At the moment, yes. He's the only one here tonight and I needed him to stay and answer the phone for crazy people like you. He's not here to cater to your command over a phone call, within the store. Just come back tomorrow for your Diet Rite or take your commands to (insert competitor here)."

The customer tried to say something in return, but decided to stop and walk out. On the way out, he shouted at some other customer while pointing in our direction, "THESE PEOPLE DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT I WANT!"

Yeah, pretty much nailed that one, guy.




New Breed of Apple Called "Cosmic Crisp" is Debuting After 20 Years in the Making



Cosmic Crisp will have to be cosmic indeed to beat the awesome flavor of HoneyCrisp!

From The Daily Mail:

Blanketed by winter snow, orchards are mostly idle around central Washington, the production hub of the nation's top apple producing state.

But in a basement lab in the city of Wenatchee, Washington State University scientists are meticulously working. They slice, taste and measure appearance, firmness and crispness of dozens of apples, including a new variety dubbed 'Cosmic Crisp,' a name inspired by white pores contrasting against its red skin.

'Cosmic Crisp is the first big release the Washington industry is going to have all to itself,' said Kate Evans, a lead scientist at WSU's Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center.

Trademarked and focus group-tested, Cosmic Crisp was developed by the WSU lab over the last 20 years. For at least one decade, it will be available for planting only to Washington farmers.


That type of restriction is a reflection of the increasingly fragmented apple industry, where major growers have moved away from relying on few varieties for their income. Rather, many are diversifying their orchards, aiming to cash in on the premium prices of licensed niche apples, and creating competition among breeders to develop the next big flavorful apple.

'We used to grow all Red Delicious and Golden Delicious.' said Steve Lutz of Columbia Marketing International, a marketing firm owned by apple producers. 'We're taking what used to be a macro-market and cutting into smaller and smaller pieces with these new varietal apples.'

The shift from relying on the Red Delicious brand became urgent after the Washington industry tanked in the 1990s, losing hundreds of millions of dollars and prompting a federal government bailout. Back then many reasons were given for the slump, but chief among them was an oversupply of apples, especially the Red Delicious.

While the industry has recovered, reminders of its pitfalls were seen last year, when a combination of factors, including the West Coast ports shutdown and a high yield, led to the jarring image of millions of pounds of apples, mostly Reds and Goldens, left to rot in fields.


In 1999, Red Delicious accounted for 51 percent of the share nationwide sales. By 2015, that number had dropped to 25 percent, according to data from the Washington Tree Fruit Association.

Cosmic Crisp will join Kiku, Ambrosia, JAZZ, Opal, Braeburn, Pacific Rose, Snapdragon, SweetTango and other trademarked varieties aiming to take a bigger slice of the consumer market, which already includes the well-established Fuji, Gala and HoneyCrisp. Many of these varieties were developed through breeding programs in New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Europe.

'This industry has been highly successful,' Lutz said. 'When you're very successful you're reluctant to throw out what you're doing and be risky. We were late to start the breeding program.'

American farmers have responded by partnering with universities. WSU is developing apples beyond the Cosmic Crisp, while Cornell University introduced the Snapdragon and RubyFrost, and the University of Minnesota made its mark with the highly successful HoneyCrisp, which became one of the best sellers nationwide.


The HoneyCrisp 'proved to sales, marketers and growers that we don't have to be at 99 cents a pound. We can get retail sales up to the $2.99 a pound range,' said Todd Fryhover, president of the Washington Apple Commission.

The staple varieties, however, are still moneymakers, and make up the biggest chunk of the apples exported.

'They're kind of the workhorse of the industry,' said Peter Van Well of Van Well Nursery in East Wenatchee. 'I think growers are realizing that they've got to have a combination. They've got to have a mix of the main varieties and a mix of these club varieties.'

Next year, the first Cosmic Crisp trees will be planted with the target of having the first sales in 2019. Should the Cosmic Crisp be successful with consumer taste buds, Washington farmers, who already grow 60 percent of the country's apples, have the potential to reap all the benefits, and recoup the money invested in the breeding program. Figures aren't immediately available from the Wash. tree Commission.

'The breeding program here has been using Cosmic Crisp as a parent for a number of years now, so we'll be well ahead of anybody in developing the next generation,' Evans said

via The Daily Mail



Training Hell: I Don't Want Tightie Whities, I Want Shitty Brownies


Jason confusedFrom: Pyromonkey83

Way back in the later days of my teenage-hood, I worked at a supersized American megamart. I had been hired for the giant-national-chain-of-coffee-stores they often have in their larger stores, but during training I was expected to learn how to be a cashier for relief purposes.

One day, I had a Large Gentleman (LG) come up to me and the following conversation ensued:

LG: Excuse me, I am looking for your men's underwear section?

Me: Certainly, it is right over here if you will follow me...

I had some free time, and the section was well within 20 feet of the registers, so I happily walked him over.

Me: Here you are sir, is there anything else?

LG: No this sho-... Actually, I don't see any brown colored underwear, do you have them?

Me: Brown colored sir? Like, dark brown?

LG: Yes, like shit colored brown. I only wear brown underpants in case aliens invade and I shit my pants.

I... uh... wut?...