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Server Hell: Vanentine's Day Destruction At The Bar


Server hellFrom: J_I_S_B

Side note: Valentines is the worst for servers, no matter what. That's when the tip percentage takes a dive.

The restaurant I worked in tonight is giant. It seats around 400-ish. In the middle of our dinner rush(7:30-ish) a drunken guest hurled his pint glass at someone. He missed the person, but his glass hit the back bar's top shelf, which was made of glass. The whole thing shattered and all of the booze and shelves collapsed on each other.

The bartenders and managers were standing and staring for about a minute or so. It was so overwhelmingly incomprehensible they were frozen with disbelief. Myself included, I couldn't imagine what we could do to get away from the madness.

3/4 of all of the premium booze was gone, one of the 4 bartenders was injured (deep hand cut), all of the ice was filled with glass, and the bar was totally soaked with the smell of booze. There where 40+ broken bottles... the smell was incredible.

All while around 50 guests were still trying to get drinks.

In the chaos, the pint glass guy slipped out.





That royally sucks, but I've never been onboard with glass shelves, it just sounds like an accident waiting to happen.


Yeah, they look good, but one little bump and it's all over. Hope the bartender's ok...

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