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Training Hell: "Oh Yeah, We're Not Paying You While You're Training"


Carolanne fuck you1From: zedsdeadbby

So I applied to this place and got the interview and was hired. I didn't sign any paperwork or any tax forms but I was new to job things so it didn't seem like a big deal.

I go in for my first day and I work my ass off making sandwiches and mopping up the store at closing. Boss man also hands me a copy of the menu and tells me to memorize all the sandwiches on it. As I'm leaving at 10PM I ask the boss man what my pay rate is.

Bossman: "This isn't a training store so you aren't getting paid for training."

Fuck that. This guy probably would keep me "training" for as long as he possibly could.

Me: "Thank you for the opportunity but I won't be back tomorrow."

I didn't bother trying to get paid for my only eight hours because I didn't want to deal with this guy or his shady ways any more than I already had.





I'm pretty sure you should've called the cops on him, what if he does that to someone else?

Jason Anderson

pretty sure thats illegal in most states. However it would be his word against yours since there was no paperwork, no clock in/out etc. I would still see if you can call headquarters or a manager above him.

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