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TRAINING2From: ex1337

We just hired a new woman to work full time at the store I work at. Two days after that the current assistant manager got promoted to take over another store in a bordering state, becoming the store manager there. So, now there's an assistant manager position open, right? Well, the third key has already been promised it before it was even open, and I was promised his position! So I got really excited. Because, I'm finally getting a manager position, right!?


Instead, the third key is getting the assistant manager, and the new woman is getting third key. Why? Because she has 10 years previous manager experience. All right, fair enough. I can accept that she's potentially a better candidate. However, this is a sales store, and sales are crucial to the basics of the job. She's never worked in sales before, and to her admittance, she's extremely timid. So without knowing if she can do the basics, she gets the promotion. Hmm, maybe somethings wrong here..... nah, I just need to choke down my pride, and do what it takes to move forward with my job and keep doing as good at sales as I've been doing and next time it'll be mine.

And I had come to terms with that, until the very next day : when I was told I was training her, because, I already know and do most of the job, so, I should be the one teaching her.

Wait, what? I'm training the new girl to get the position I applied for, but didn't get because I'm not quite as good as she'll be - but I have to teach her! WHAT!?? Yeah, I don't care about the fairness, it's not about whats fair, it's about what's right! What I care about is what is right and ethical. Had I been given the Assistant Managers position, I wouldn't expect the third key, who didn't get it, to train me how.


I did talk to my District Manager. I've been going through some health stuff as of late, nothing that prevents me from doing my job at all, but nonetheless annoying to say the least. And last time she was in town I had an appointment and I missed her big meeting. She didn't mind, because of my current standing with the company, but she calls to check up now and then. Yesterday she called.

She asked if there was anything she could do to help lighten my burden and I told her, that I can't train New Girl right now. I've got too much on my plate at home and with my health stuff. She lost it.

Her first words were, "What the f***!?" And then she breathed deeply and went. "ex1337, is your manager available?"

Jason GrrMe: "No, he's with a customer."

District Manager: "Tell him he's done and that I need to speak to him immediately, take over the sale. Okay, sweetie?"

Me: "Yes, DM."

So my manager gets on the phone and I help the customers and he gets off the phone just after the customers are rung up and comes over and apologizes for everything that happened with the promotion and that he 1) shouldn't have looked me over for the promotion, 2) shouldn't have me training the person who got it, 3) should've given it to me but unfortunately it's too late. Then he told me to call back the DM on my lunch break, she asked me to.

So I call her and she offered me a $2 raise! And then she told me that the plan is to promote New Girl to store manager for a store that will be opened up nearby shortly after Christmas and that I will either be her Assistant Manager, or the current Assistant Manager will move to that store and I'll get the Assistant Manager position then.

She then apologized again, and said she didn't want to lose me, I was too great an asset.





I've been in a similarish position - was working as a permanent temp, when the store advertised for a full time position opening up. I applied, then things went downhill. It was a bit of a triple whammy as a) I was never contacted about not getting the position, only finding out when the new hire started her first day of work; b) because of the new full time position, hours had to get cut elsewhere and being the last of the temps, I was first on the chopping block; and c) this was effective immediately after the end of my shift that day. Felt like a real kick in the guts.

Thankfully everything worked out - the manager offered me a permanent casual position a year later without the need to apply or anything, and the full time one turned out to be pretty much an assistant manager role that I really wouldn't have been suited for, so didn't hold any animosity against anyone involved.

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