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Carolanne cover mouthFrom: ms_annthrope

I work at a pet store. We sell various parts of animals for dogs to chew on, including pig ears, elk antlers, and cow trachea.

Someone brings a long stick-like thing up to my register today and asks, "What part of an animal is this?"

I turn it over. Read the label. "It's bovine pizzle."

Customer: "What does that mean?"

Me: "Well..." Must keep my cool... "Bovine means like, cow..."

Customer: "But what part of a cow is it?"

Me: "Um..." I am a mature adult. I will not snicker. "I... don't know."

Couldn't bring myself to tell her it was a bull's penis.

Best part? As I was ringing her up, she brought it up to her nose and sniffed it, going, "Pizzle... Hmm..."

I think I strained something holding back guffaws.





"It's a bull's penis, ma'am."
There, answered her question.


Yeah, but then you spend the next hour listening to her shriek about how could you have that out where CHILDREN could see it! Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!

Let her figure it out like anyone else would, on Google. And hopefully when she comes back to shriek, you'll be off...


It must be a much more commonly used word in the UK, I use that word in my insults quite a lot. Though I must admit it's fun to see the look of confusion on the less intelligent faces when they try to figure out what I'm saying.

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