Drive Thru Dissidents: The Garden Gnome
Wronged Workers: Accused Of Selling An Illegal Beverage To A Kid



Teen could get his looks from Grandma who isn't pictured, which would be the same place Uncle got his looks from or from even farther back a Great Grandparent. A basic understanding of genetics solves this "mystery", certain traits will skip a generation or two before showing up again.


CatLady has shot the funny!


Never had A&W, so no idea, but that is a funny theory. XD


A&W has ok burgers, but some of the best rootbeer I've ever had. If you find a restaurant and go in, ask for a frozen mug. The only root beer I've ever had that was better was from a now defunct local place called Hops, that was one of, if not the, first of the microbrewery in the restaurant types. They actually made their own (non alcoholic) in the restaurant, and holy crap...

Kai Lowell

Nnnnng, Hops. I miss them.

TT, if you're ever somehow in Wisconsin, go to Mt. Horeb and visit the Grumpy Troll. They're a pub/restaurant who also makes their own root beer. So goddamn good.

Tech Support Survivor

Their burgers aren't so hot anymore, but I totally agree. Best root beer ever. And the onion rings. Out of this world.

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