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CrustyFrom: SorryIAmAChampion

After racking up the years in customer service, I have perfected my bubbly, butter wouldn't melt in my mouth customer service persona. Retail smile? Check. Feigned empathy and concern towards rude customers? Check. However, I was not prepared for this encounter...

Now, I am naturally a morning person. Thus, my boss usually sticks me on super early opening shifts. I always warmly greet everyone, regardless of the time of day. I clearly was not prepared for the grouch (G).

Grouch walks in at 7 am.

Me: Good morning, ma'am! [Retail smile] How are--


Me: I'm sorry?? (Yes, I am Canadian and the word sorry is very near and dear to my heart.)

G: I am not a morning person and I DON'T WANT ANYONE TALKING TO ME BEFORE 12 PM! So, don't speak to me.

Me: Uh, okay... O.o

And off she went! Of course, I apologized profusely to the retail gods. What had I done to receive such hostility at 7 in the morning?!




Misty Meanor

I would've either ejected the customer there or called the police. That's wrong, pure and simple!


So, if you don't want anyone talking to you before noon, why did you go out before noon?


I am one of these people aaaand this is why I don't go out before noon and work second shift. You wouldn't think it would be that hard...


And five minutes later she'll whine that nobody would help her find whatever dumbassery she was standing right next to.

I've worked third shift for most of the last 25 years, am demophobic and a severe introvert, and I don't bark at people like this.

Tech Support Survivor

When I do have to go out early- am so not a morning person- I generally mumble and grumble. But nothing beyond a too early for this or I need caffeine.

There is not being a morning person, and then there is being a royal dick.


I hate mornings too. This is why I generally sleep through them. ;-)


"You know, if you didn't ram a Redwood up your ass every morning, maybe you wouldn't be such a rude twat." :D

I'm not a morning person either, so I either avoid people until I'm fully awake or I get some caffeine in me so I can function. :) Either way, I do my best to be polite and pleasant even if I'm a bit grumpy.

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