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Discount Rats: Get Hired, Then You Can!


Discountrat1From: canIgethellforyou

I'm pretty sure some people guessed by the title what my little, well tale, will be about today. That's right...

Employee Discounts!

You know what I'm talking about, those people who don't have a store card and ask you all nonchalantly if you have one they can use. I'm sorry, are you my long lost buddy, secret half-sibling or something??

No, I'm not going to give you my number/card/whatever! I mean, if we're in line at the grocery store and I'm a customer, I might help out with a non-employee number. But give you my employee discount that I get for working with selfish people like you? Hell no!

Anyways, gather 'round retail workers young and old, for today I shall tell you about possibly the most selfish and downright rudest woman who tried just about anything to get my discount.

It was Wednesday evening last week, the lines are small if there at all, the employees are chatting and enjoying the summer-like weather instead of freezing our poor little toes off while the occasional customer wanders about unseen in the aisles. Then I see Her coming towards me with a bag with 2 donuts, Windex and a giant bag of cat litter. An easy transaction, we commence with the usual hello, no I don't have $Market card.

I scan their items, and we get to the payment part. I guess the part where I asked her if she had a $Market card flew over her head, but before she swipes her credit card she stares at me intensely.

Me: Um...can I help you? [kind of unsettled out, but gives a retail smile]

Her: Where is my discount?

Me: I asked if you had a card, and you told me no.

Her: I know that. Where is your discount on my things? [speaks to me with a tone like I am a nitwit]

Me: [a bit annoyed by the way she is speaking to me, but shrugs it off as I only have 10 minutes of my shift left] I'm sorry m'am, I can't give you my number/card (with my company you can use one or the other), it has an employee discount attached to it.

Bitch Encounters 1Her: [rolls her eyes] I know, put your number in.

Me: [mentally screaming WTF??] Um, no I can't do that.

Her: Why not? You don't have to tell anyone, and I swear this will be the only time I ask.

Me: [starting to get annoyed] I'm sorry but you aren't a family member, so I can't do that.

Her: Well I've had people do it for me before, why aren't you? Isn't it your job to make the customer happy? [gets a smug smile on her face]

Me: M'am, I will not give you my number because I could get into serious trouble. Please swipe your credit card, there is a line forming behind you. [struggling not to slap her]

Now let me note, in training they specifically told us the only people who can use our discount is immediate family members only, and if we give it out to friends or whatnot we could get in a lot of trouble. Apparently a few former employees got fired maybe a month before I arrived because they gave their discounts out to a LOT of people, and 90% of these people abused the discounts because they would check out at their friends registers and only pay like 20$ for 50$ worth of stuff. Since then management has been keeping a sharp eye on who uses the discounts, and I know at least one person has been talked to because they gave it out to a friend or something. All I know is not to give it out, and I find it unlikely someone gave this women their discount.

Her: Give me your discount, or I'll complain to a manager!

Me: [gives an apologetic look to the few people who have since left to go to the other checkers, and I turn my light off] Ma'am, they'll tell you what I am telling you. I cannot give you my number.

Her: But I need these things, and I'm short on cash!

Me: I'm sorry m'am. Would you like me to void something out, then you can come back later to buy it? [kind of feels bad, but still annoyed]

Carolanne droidHer: I can get it all if you just give me your number!

Me: [sympathy gauge back to 0] I cannot do that m'am. Please either pay or leave.

Her: [gives me the stink eye as she pays]

Now this is the part that really made me want to scream, but I am just too nice to do that. When she grabbed her cat liter, I didn't see her purposely rip open the one side as I was putting coupons in a bag to be filed away at the end of the night. SHE PROCEEDED TO TIP THE BAG OVER AND I, THE REGISTER, AND BELT WAS COVERED IN THE LITTER!

She said something about how I had given her a broken bag, and one of the managers took her away to give her a new one, while I'm standing there trying to calm down before I did something stupid that would get me fired.

Thanks to the b**** I had to spend 35 minutes with a co-worker to clean it all up before I was allowed to leave, and I'm not going to lie if some tears of frustration weren't shed while cleaning it all up. I didn't have work the next day, but the two night managers apparently reviewed the security tapes after I had gone home and saw her tear the bag open before she pushed it on me. They had her information from a form she filled out trying to blame me for giving her a broken product on purpose (which somehow ended up in the office shredder after they got her info) and asked her to come in.

Turns out she had been harassing other employees for their discounts and when they refused she would get very angry and somehow end up spilling a "broken" product all over the register, though I was the first one to actually get "hit" with something. (Again, she didn't actually hit me with anything besides cat litter, which I guess doesn't really count?) She had gotten away with using a newer employees discount for a while because she stole his card, but she I guess lost it and therefore started harassing us to either get a new one or get a phone number.

In any case, she is no longer allowed in our store, or our nearby sister stores, and if she's seen trying to enter I've heard they might call the cops on her.

Moral of the story? If you want an employee discount, either get hired or....SHUT UP AND DON'T ASK!





You were right to stuck to your guns and not let her have your discount! I think you should have forced her to clean this mess she made, though.


I think she should've been made to clean up the mess she made, but at least justice was served.

Misty Meanor

My sympathies about the cat litter, but at least she's banned now. I can't believe she'd sink that low!


I can totally believe she'd sink this low, Misty, we have a couple of arseholes like this who come into my shop, maybe not quite that bad but they want a large size but only charge them for regular when getting coffee and can't you just let me have an extra coffee stamp or three? There's one who got actually upset because he doesn't get a loyalty stamp when he gets a free coffee from his stamps. We're very generous with our coffees and the stamps and vouchers but when they start pushing for more I just shut them down and don't allow any abuse. I can't stand greedy people.


I get discounts when i dont ask for them. I just dont be a douche and usually they get stuck on there without me knowing.

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