Game Store Hell: M Rated Games Are The Hardest Difficulty Games, Right?
Happy Monday



Maybe I'm not understanding the problem because I'm colorblind. All I see is a chocolate bunny holding a giant chocolate carrot. Both made out of a mold. Has this person never seen a carrot drawn with the green stuff in the shape of a ball? I have all the time with Loony Toons. So unless the squiggle lines that the bunny is sitting on is the offense, I'm not really getting this.

McHell Manager

It's the carrot. Heaven forbid it even have a shape that's slightly phallic in nature. OH MY GOD THAT BUNNY IS HOLDING A DI...wait that's a carrot. Moving on!


If it was in color, it wouldn't be so bad, but since the whole thing is the same color, it looks like the bunny is REALLY happy to see you.

It reminds me of a Thai penis amulet, like this one. (Warning; peener. ) I have one of those on my keyring...

Kai Lowell

Ha, TT, that's great. I kind of want one. :D

That carrot actually looks more like the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator than peen.


Have to be careful with them, Kai. :P It was so powerful my mate got pregnant two weeks before I bought the thing...shouldn't have bought a threepack, I guess. (heh. Condom failure; we're one of the reasons they're only 99.9% effective...) I sent the picture to her, she thought it was cute and wanted one, and when I bought two, the ebay seller threw in a monkey version free. I used the monkey as a sacrificial keyring test, to see how badly it'd get beaten up.

Kai Lowell

I've been sterilized; I think I'd be okay there. :D

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