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Me, 22 year old female working at bakery-cafe chain. 

Crazy Bunny Lady, or CBL for short.

Peter, older male manager being a pushover to rude customers.

Raging Daddict: Dad-to-be treating restaurant employees like shit because we don't have a certain menu item this time of year.

Embarrassed Pregnant Lady: Oh, you'll see.


So this was a few months ago, when our chain had just switched to the fall menu items. At this time of year, we were no longer carrying a certain kind of onion soup. (I wasn't aware onion soup was summer as opposed to fall/winter, but I'm not in charge of that, I'm just a cafe slave.) We also weren't carrying certain salads, sandwiches, etc. People were pissed, but also wanted to try our new items. Some were yummy, some were nasty. You get it. Seasons change, and certain food costs go up or down throughout the year. Businesses do what they have to do.

Anyway, today was PACKED during lunch, so much that people were having trouble finding a table. Ticket times were horrible and I think I was on dining room that day. It was so long ago I don't remember the small things, only this particular incident that just...why?

I was bussing tables, cleaning them, etc, when I was about to bring an order to a couple who had ordered soup and sandwiches. The line person said, "Oh yeah, and tell table X that we're out of the onion soup."

Carolanne crossI went ahead and calmly approached their table. "Um, sir, we are actually out of the onion soup. Did you want a particular other kind of soup?" I don't remember his exact answer, just a pretty furious, "Okay." or something.

His noticeably pregnant wife just sat on the opposite end of the table, silent, looking disappointed. Just for not being a snot, like many other customers were when we were out of something they wanted, I empathized with her. I went on to bus the other tables, not thinking anything of it. Okay, cool, they just didn't want soup anymore, because they didn't request a different one. I shrugged and went about my shift as normal.

I was bringing food to another nearby table when I see Peter at RD and EPL's table, and RD is SCREAMING at Peter, although the restaurant was super loud and crowded, so I couldn't really decipher what was said. Peter is literally trying to CALM this guy down, over SOUP.

EPL is just sitting at the table, face in hands, embarrassed, picking at her food. She was the first pregnant woman I had seen come into the restaurant that didn't demand special treatment, act rude for no reason, or throw a horrible fit when she didn't get her way. 

Because she was so calm, and actually looked SAD, as opposed to throwing a tantrum and treating people like shit over food, I felt really bad for her, and if we had had ANY of the onion soup left, I would have brought it to her so she could have a peaceful meal and have her husband stop screaming and embarrassing her.

Conclusion: EPL and RD eventually settled on chicken noodle soup, EPL is stuck with entitled dadbie husband forever. Poor lady.





Actually, EPL isn't stuck with "entitled dadbie husband forever", she can divorce him if she wishes, and I bet she did. :)

Tech Support Survivor

This reminds me of a story I read on Not Always. However that lady found out what a raging nut he was when his proposal was interrupted. She sent him packing and thanked the poor server who was being flipped out at.


If we work at the same bakery-cafe chain (which, it sounds like we do) the onion soup went away because they couldn't figure out how to make it "clean" (without additives, fake colors, what have you) and is now back. But regardless this guy needed to get a grip.


I hate to see what this couple's son or daughter will be like if the kid follows Daddy's lead in regards to disappointment! I do hope the guy chills out and if he is that high-strung, I am sure the wife wouldn't want him in the delivery room. Having a baby is stressful enough without the father contributing to the mother's stress and discomfort!

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