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Return Hell: That's Because We Don't Have Winter Here


Return hound 2From: jdpatric

I worked at a small-box hardware store for four years, cashiering, the floor, all sorts of stuff. Like any retail job, it had ups and downs.

Probably a year or so after I started, I was running the register when a guy comes up with ~10 or so items to return. He, of course, didn't have a receipt. Not a big deal, but it makes things harder. I will refer to him as "RG" (Return Guy).

RG - I'd like to return these; I didn't end up needing them.

[plops armful of items down on counter]

Me - Do you have a receipt?

RG - Do I need one?

Me - No...but it may be harder to look up the returns if I don't have it...

RG - Great, no I don't have one.

I blindly start scanning the items and I notice one or two that we haven't carried in our store in a long time; the computer tells me when it was last sold, and some of the dates were from over five years ago.

Me - Sir, do you recall when you purchased these?

RG - Yeah, it was probably two or three weeks ago, why?

Me - Well, I'm just having a hard time finding them in our system; it says that this one here [hold up small can of finish] was last sold at this location over five years ago.

He proceeded to grumble something along the lines of "I definitely bought them here" and suddenly his cell phone rang. This, oddly, worked well for me, as he was busy answering it (because, of course he did), I was able to key into my mic and ask for a manager to come give me a hand.

Jason confusedAt this point, I've built up a pretty solid line, so the manager comes and takes over with RG at the register right across from me. I began to cut through my line while RG continued to talk on his phone and the manager continued scanning his items. During this time, the manager had an extremely puzzled look on his face, but continued nonetheless.

Turns out, because I didn't have any unusual people in line I killed my line before RG even got off the phone, so I was able to hear the entire exchange afterwards. Glad I could.

Manager - Sir, these items didn't come from this store. Since you don't have a receipt, I can't take them back here.

Worth noting; since it was a fairly small store, we would take items back from a different store only with a receipt. Manager could make exceptions, but generally the owner said "no." The only exception was in-store credit, and that was at the discretion of the manager or owner (whoever intervened).

RG - No way. I bought them here. It couldn't have been more than three weeks ago.

Manager - Sir, I've been here for nearly a decade and I've never seen most of these items. The others I haven't seen in a long time. The computer says that most of them haven't been sold here in over five years.

RG - Well, then you're computer's wrong; I definitely bought them here. Can I get store credit or something?

The manager could've ended it here and given the guy store credit, but it would've been in the area of sixty dollars.

Manager - Sir...I can't sell this. It's an ice scraper. We've never carried them at this location.

RG got a little flustered here and raised his voice a bit.

RG - Well why not?!

Manager - Because we don't have winter in Florida! None of these items came from this store. I'm not taking them back. I'll give you a bag though since it seems like a lot to carry.

RG left with a bag, but without a refund.



Racism In The Workplace: I'm Black, And I Can't Stand Black People!


Carolanne cigar 1From: TheRealKidkudi

A while back in my store, we had another manager from a different store in our district come in to help us with a few things. While she was near the front, there was a customer who was black and yelling at the cashier for not doing something that the registers literally could not do.

So, the guest manager (also black) saw it and went over to help.

The customer started with the, "You guys just aren't doing this because I'm black!"

But as the interaction went on and she explained that it's not only against our policy but also that it's impossible to do with our system, the customer said, "This is why I hate dealing with you black managers! Y'all always have too much sass!"

By that point, we were all in agreement that she could leave and was welcome to call in a complaint. There was no reasoning with that woman.



Dumbass Custy Hell: "Oh, I Get It Now"


Discountrat0002From: kpbell3

Yesterday, while running POS at work, we were running a coupon special….”15% off if purchase is $100 or less, 20% if total is more than $100.00.”

A lady approached my register with her husband and told me she had two coupons and asked if she could use them both since they were both percent-offs. I told her that we could only do one percent-off coupon per transaction. Conversation then went off the rails…

Lady: Okay, since I can only use one of these coupons per transaction, I want to stop the order at $100, use a coupon, and then do a second transaction.”

Me: What percent-off coupons are you trying to use? (She then shows me the 15%/20% coupon). Ma’am, if you stop at $100.00, you’ll only get 15%. If you leave it as a single transaction and go over $100.00, you’ll get a better discount.

Lady: (now looking at me like I’m clueless) No, ma’am. You aren’t understanding what I am trying to do. (She begins to speak SLOWLY). I want 15% off the first hundred, then stop and I’ll pay. Then I want to use my other 15% on my second hundred. That’s 30% total and that’s more than 20%.

Me: Ma’am, it will be 15% only if you do it that way… it’s not 30%. You spend $100, you save $15. You spend $101 or more, you’ll save at least $20.

Lady: Okay, listen to me please. 15% plus 15% is 30. Correct?

Me: No, ma’am.

The people behind them in line are beginning to snicker and the husband is really getting agitated-looking toward me.

Lady: (laughs) I can’t believe you don’t understand how simple this is.

Then, as if the skies opened up above our heads, I literally saw this woman “get it.”

Lady: Ohhhhhhh, I get what you’re saying now. Hee hee…okay, go ahead and ring me out.

**Looking back, I should have just split her order and not give her the chance to save properly, but then again, she would have been the kind of customer to complain to my boss that I “cheated” her out of a discount once she got home and “got it” then.