7-Eleven Brings Back Crazy Slurpee Promotion that Let's Custys Fill Their Own Cups
Douchebag Customers: You're Wrong Until I Prove You Right



I thought grocery store eggs were unfertilized and couldn't be hatched, but maybe it's different with quail eggs or in the country this person is from.

Tech Support Survivor

My problem with this is... doesn't cold (ie refrigeration) stunt the chances for hatching, if not outright kill the embryo?

Pardon me while I shudder.


CHICKEN eggs are unfertilized. Apparently quail eggs are not. The domestic chicken has been bred to squeeze out eggs whether or not she's been doinked, but other birds aren't domesticated to the same degree.

It's also possible it's bullshit for attention. I'm kind of leaning toward that.

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