Merry St. Patrick's Day From the Tacoma Freighthouse Square Mall
What a St. Patrick's Day Bartender Looks like When Her 12 hour Shift at the Only Irish pub in Town Finally Ends


McHell Manager

Growing up in the suburbs surrounding Buffalo, I believe it. People here, as soon as midnight hits, will start drinking. They will wake up drunk and will continue to drink throughout the day. Welcome to Buffalo, where if you're not Irish, you're Irish


I thought everyone in Buffalo was Polish? Or has that changed since the 70s?

McHell Manager

Buffalo is for the most part Polish (Hello Dyngus Day!) but if it means drinking, people will turn "Irish" for the day. Any reason to drink, and they will drink. Day of the Dead? Everyone is Mexican and drinking(Let's ignore the fact that this holiday is not a drinking holiday). Oktoberfest! Everyone is suddenly German and drinking. Mardi Gras, people are suddenly (not so) Catholic.

It doesn't help that we have multiple colleges in the area and all of the students are like "...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZE!!!"


I don't blame them for closing... they don't sell anything the people 'celebrating' this would want, so they're not likely to make a lot of money... there might be a few people peoplewatching or something, but most likely mainly people looking for a place to offload beer, one way or another...

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