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Carolanne argh 3From: Proxi3d

I work in a bookstore, and we have a fantastic service. You can order any book or item we are currently selling and send it to one of our stores across the country for free shipping. We will call/email you once it arrives, and will hold it for a month before we refund the order and return the product. If you can't make it in, we even have the option to go online and select a designated pick-up person who has the authority to pick up your item. This way, there's no chance of your items being left randomly on a doorstep or stolen. Sounds great, right?

One small catch; we need some sort of ID. It can be any type of governmental photo ID, the receipt from your order, or the email we send out with your name and order ID. If you have none of these, or your name doesn't match, then we can't give it to you because you technically aren't the person who placed the order.

Queue the angry lady (AL). I was working the cash registers this morning, and she decided to come up to me to pick-up her order.

AL: I have some books, they're here, can you get them for me?

Me: Of course. Did you order and pay for them, or just have them be set aside?

(note, we do place books on hold up at the front, hence the question. The books that have been paid for and ordered are at the back of the store behind employee doors for extra security)

AL: What?

Me: Did you already pay for them?

AL: Yes of course.

Me: OK, great! Do you have any ID or confirmation so I can get your order?

Freddy skull hugAL: Why do you need that?

Me: Well, we want to make sure the correct person is getting the correct package, so we always ask for ID or confirmation.

AL: Well, this is ridiculous. I don't see why you need my ID. I should've just shipped it to my house if it was going to be this much trouble. Why do you need to see my ID?

Me: To confirm your identity, ma'am. Do you have your driver's license on you?

AL: No, you aren't seeing that. I have the email here somewhere.

roots around on phone for a bit

AL: I can't find it. Fine, whatever, here's my driver's license. dramatically takes it out of its slot and slams it down on the counter

Me: Great, thanks!

At this point, I can finally confirm her identity, and call out her last name and ID type for my coworker who has been on call to pick up her order. I've honestly never seen anyone be upset that you need ID to pick up something you paid for. Isn't that better than having some random person steal your things?





"AL: Well, this is ridiculous. I don't see why you need my ID. I should've just shipped it to my house if it was going to be this much trouble. Why do you need to see my ID?"
Me: Because this isn't the 1920's anymore. We don't use the good will and trust system anymore, because there are people in this world who will steal anything and everything they can. If we don't confirm the person trying to pick up an order is who they say they are, we would have people stealing packages left and right. This rule is there to protect the customers from theft, and is a lot faster than me having to stand here and take five minutes to explain it to you, understand? :D

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