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Skullies cartFrom: Janitorgirl

Hello, it's Janitorgirl with a question for all my fellow cart warriors. (When you have to maneuver around 1 to 10 aggressive cars in a single cart run you are a warrior, not just a cart grabber.)

I have a question- lets say I have a ton of other stuff to do and the cart area is empty- and people treat it as a public space- what do you do?

The worst was around Christmas a group of 10 people started talking in the empty cart area. I pulled in row after row of carts but they didn't move (and ignored my pitiful 'excuse me's) so after a while I called it quits and worked on something else.

But today someone parked their elderly wheelchair bound grandpa in the middle of my cart area. I could not make a single row without hitting him. I asked security for help. He thought I was joking and said I should wait it out.

Then a manager passed by and I asked, "What do I do?"

Her answer was "put carts directly in front of the entrance" (something we are not allowed to do as a fire hazard,) "or go work on something else. "

Fine- thanks for the invite. I went to the backroom to work on the many tasks that were still unfinished after 12 hours, and left my heroic co-worker to deal with cart drama.

But seriously- what do you do when custy's are in your cart space?

Thank you for any advice,





For the 10 people just standing around, I would've said, "Excuse me," and kept going. Either move or get run over. As for the wheelchair-bound man, I would've called the cops for abuse and endangerment of the elderly.


Wasm't the elderly gentleman an adult?
Did you ask him what he wanted to do?


Wasn't the elderly gentleman an adult?
Did you ask him what he wanted to do?

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