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Crustys Not Wanting Free Things?



...was a video necessary to explain this? It's a hard plastic object with sharp corners and feet tend to have soft and tender spots.


I'm disappointed they didn't explain why one lego hurts but that comparatively walking across a pile of legos is less painful.

Kai Lowell

Probably for the same reason people can lay on beds of nails, kitai. There is more surface area to distribute the pressure, so a pile of Legos won't dig in as much as one single one.


I knew that Kai. But I keep seeing pictures online of piles or floors covered in Legos with captions talking about the horror. I'd love to see those people educated.


The only things worse than legos are d4s. Every D&D player out there has had horrific encounters with those caltrops.


No the thing worse than Lego is an upturned plug.

I know this, unfortunately, from experience. Having had two children I have encountered multiple bricks but only have I ever trod on a plug once, and never do I wish to re-experience that. I couldn't breathe for about ten seconds. I'm not going into details about the damaged caused though.

Kai Lowell

But don't you know education doesn't make for a snappy meme! *eyeroll*

I have also trod on a plug. Thankfully I did not step down very hard. It was still agony.


Hedgie I literally hissed in sympathetic pain at that comment! I've stepped on some other gaming dice but I've avoided the d4 so far.

Tech Support Survivor

Lego, barbie accessory, it all hurts. I've also stepped on a thumb tack, childrens toys hurt worse to step on.


Yeah, that's my point. "Stepping on hard shit when not wearing shoes hurts". Why was a video necessary to 'explain' this? :P

(And for those of us in the US, UK plugs have three prongs at a 90 degree angle to the cord, so they can stick straight up when laying on the floor, vs the US ones that have the prongs parallel to the cord.)

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