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Wronged Workers: How Dare You Not Beat The Crap Out Of Him!


Wronged slavesFrom: Gekokujo

I was once fired from a bar-tending job; essentially for NOT beating somebody up.

A guy pushed my manager when he had a bunch of empty pint glasses and he fell in a pile of broken glass and hurt pride (luckily the glass broke around him rather than under him).

I escorted the man out of the premises immediately, but I didn't strike him.

The manager felt I should have pounded the living daylights out of him, and was pissed that I didn't. I was then shunned for almost two weeks before a trumped up "no-call/no-show" was manufactured and I was fired.

It was a violent bar with its own rules/regulations... and I enjoyed that aspect, but I wasn't paid to be an attack dog. Every other bar I have worked they don't even want you coming from behind the bar during an altercation, but that bar was a little different.





I would say sue them for firing you under false terms, but I think it wouldn't be worth it fom that place.

Misty Meanor

I agree. Don't bother going back there unless they try to ruin your work experience (give a bad reference, etc.)

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