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Freddy Fuck youFrom: RHUer

I worked at a small chain restaurant that made pizza and grinders when I was about 16. I was great at my job because let's be honest, it doesn't take much skill to make sandwiches in a low volume restaurant.

The owner hired a new store manager who was a blatant sexist. (That's the right word, right?) Anyway, she hated men and viewed women as superior.

 Soon, all of the male workers were replaced with females. I was the last guy to go.

The manager kept telling us at work how someone was pouring soda on her car, and one day called me into the office to tell me that she had witnessed me pouring a giant soda all over her car in the parking lot after one of my shifts.

Not true int he slightest, but because she saw me, she had document-ably sound reasoning for firing me despite being one of the best workers in the place. I was fired that day.

I was replaced with a girl, and her plan was complete, I'm sure.

I dumped a 64 oz soda on her car nearly every day for almost two years after that. 69 cents of petty revenge at a time. But since I did the time, I might as well do the crime. And for those who don't know, soda is NOT good for your car's paint job. :D




Misty Meanor

Normally I wouldn't encourage such behavior, but if she's gonna be a sexist pig, then she deserves it!


Yep, give that misandrist everything she deserves. No gender/sex is greater than the other, we're all equal.


Fuck her, keep pouring that soda!


I had a boss like that once. I didn't get fired, but ended up walking out when I knew she needed me. I came back there a few days later for a coffee (I was hopelessly addicted), and the young lady behind the counter said "Oh, X told me that you quit because you couldn't stand working for a woman". I basically face-palmed, and replied that "um, you do know that my boss at my other job is a woman and the difference is that she doesn't suck".

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