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Wronged Workers: Written Up For Following Policy Thanks To A Crusty's Lies


Wronged workers 2From: AwkwardSeduction

I work in a westernized restaurant and was taking orders. I've worked around a year in this place and I know everything on the menu and have been instructed to repeat every order to make sure they didn't mistake an entree for another.

The managers insist on it; I'm the only one who actually does this though.

A customer comes through and orders when I repeat it and make sure I didn't overhear something wrong (it was a odd order) he starts yelling at, "Yes! UGH I've ordered this so many times and only you have given me this problem."

I chuckle all nervous now, for he was the first ever customer to raise his voice at me. "Are you certain sir? I've never had this kind of order before you might have mistaken me."

I'm saying this because I've never had someone order hushpuppies as a side when the entree already came with it.

Him: "Can I leave now or do you still want to be condescending to me?!?!"

Me: sir I'm not trying to be condescending."

e then turns out and storms out demanding my manager. He then stays hours later to wait for my general manager.

All this and I get written up; meaning next time around I'll be fired. I talk to my manager nicely and get the, 'Okay, smile, nod, sign the form stating all this.'

Apparently to the customer I rolled my eyes and acted rudely to him, I did no such thing. He also states I've always done this to him and that he has seen me four times and have gave him the same problem and demanded to see me fired.

I've never taken this man's order I would have definitely remembered him. When I get out of my general managers office I lost it, started bawling like a baby, do my last things I have to do and clock out.

It's just sad to see how much sweat and tears you put through to help out your managers and they see you crying in the back and not caring one bit.





Unfortunately managers care more for the customers (and themselves) than the employees. Later they'll wonder why employee turnover is so great.


"Listen, [manager], there are three sides to every story, the customer's, mine, and the wall's. Either get all sides of the story, learn to not be a spineless suck up, or watch many good employees walk out the door because of the shitty way you treat them. We're supposed to be a team, not a line up of sheep you can throw under the bus to save yourself. Here's my badge, mail me my last check, I quit."

Double U Gal

That has happened to me (more than once) and the only thing you can do is try to be more assertive in the future. That's because you cant change them, but you can change how you react to them. Stand up for yourself and be strong (and if they are going to lie, then you can bend the truth too if it helps you! I have been so honest and gotten reamed by back stabbers, gossips, and people willing to lie about anything!Makes me think honesty is not rewarded). If you can record the convos with mgrs on cellphone, it could help with HR or a complaint to higher up. Regardless, it will remind you that you aren't crazy when they twist your words, and that you aren't the one that did anything wrong. You know the truth. I was very moved by your story, it made me so sad, and have lots of memories of various workplace duplicitous bullies I have known. I wish you emotional strength, and future job happiness with kinder, more understanding bosses!P E A C E!

Bored at the Bookstore

I would, I think, refuse to sign that statement. I don't lie, and affirming someone else's lies would be just that.

I realize that your situation might be different, that perhaps you couldn't afford to quit, but if they're going to fire you anyway, let them - there's unemployment if they fire you...

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