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Bitchy Custys: "It's Just A Stupid Animal! I Need Donuts Now!"


Bakery hell 2From: Tired0wl

I'm a mess this morning. Last night as I was calling my cat, Clyde, in for dinner, he was hit by a car. He wasn't supposed to be outside. But he got out and as I was calling him, a car went by. I heard the thump, and my baby went flying right up to the house and collapsed. He died in my arms moments later.

So. Yeah. I had him for ten years. I grew up with him. He was my baby. I have never felt so hopeless and hurt as I did last night. I'm still a huge mess. God. I can't believe he's gone.

Onto the story or rant or whatever. I'm much slower than usual this morning and I just feel weak. I was behind and didn't quite have donuts ready, when my assistant manager asks me what's wrong. I told her and just broke down.

At the same time this rude bitch of a lady walks up to the counter and just about yells, "UHM. HELLO. WHERE ARE THE DONUTS?!"

I asked AM to help her and escaped to the back to contain myself. AM was talking to the lady, trying to help her.

Lady says, "What's HER problem? I NEED donuts!"

I didn't hear AM's response, but the next thing the lady says is "Well, it's just a stupid animal! She shouldn't be so upset!" Then just starts demanding donuts again.

God. Just fuck off. I know some people don't see their pets as family, but a bit of empathy goes a long fucking way.





"I didn't hear AM's response, but the next thing the lady says is "Well, it's just a stupid animal! She shouldn't be so upset!" Then just starts demanding donuts again."

Me: "Get the fuck out and don't fucking come back, you twat."

Tech Support Survivor

I... wouldn't be able to go in to work if something like that happened to my girl. It might not make sense to some people, but you lost a part of your family. That hurts.

McHell Manager

Yeah if that were me I would not be able to work. I would be a sobbing mess in the corner. Kudos for you for going into work.

As for the bitch, fuck her. She clearly has never been blessed with the love and joy of a pet.


One of my two died of old age a few years ago. I'd occasionally just start crying thinking about him. I would definitely have not gone into work that day, and if I had I'd have been useless. And probably torn the head off and shit down the neck of the first cockmongler that pulled something like that on me...


Kudos to the OP for going to work at all. Fuck that bitch. She should have been thrown out on her ass and perma-banned from the bakery.

I'm going through somewhat similar (but lesser) stress right now - there exists a "fair" chance that my fur baby will pull through (after thousands of dollars of emergency vet care that I can't afford but will spend anyway). And I am NOT going to work tomorrow. :(

Eddy Cator

So sorry for your loss hun.


Sorry for your loss, it's especially hard when you've had them for so long. Hopefully your AM and coworkers are supportive. As for the woman, when I have to deal with someone like that I repeat to myself, "And your just a stupid person."

Kai Lowell

Oh, I'm so sorry. Losing a pet is terrible - they really are just like members of the family.


So so sorry for your loss. I had to put down one of my fur babies the day after Christmas and despite being return/gift card day from retail hell my boss let me have the day off.

I've always said pets are children that never grow up. They are your babies and people that don't understand that are truly heartless monsters.

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