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Carolanne 006

From an RHUer:

A little story of how being polite got my mother little goodies. She was in McD and getting a late supper for us, after an eye appointment. Pretty hectic there, typical evening rush and she was at the register manned by the manager.

Takes a few minutes to get the stuff together. Manager apologizes for the wait and she says, “It’s okay. I’ve worked here 34 years ago myself, I know how busy it can get.” Manager goes back to finishing the order and brings the two shakes. My mother looks at the non-strawberry one and asks if it’s chocolate as she ordered. Nope, he accidentally gave her a vanilla one. The manager offers to make a new one, but mom tells him to not mind. She has a bus to catch.

And the manager was apparently so grateful that my mom did not yell at him and was, frankly, just a decent human, he put some of those little packages of children’s candy into the takeaway bag. Not being a bitch got my mom some little dessert as a reward.




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