One Protest North Carolina May Never Recover From
Amusing Church Signs: Please Stop


Bored at the Bookstore

Sounds like our local Wendy's! The days we don't get something wrong in our order are the red-letter ones. And yes, we have learned to check the order before we leave the counter, no matter how many employee glares it earns us.

Misty Meanor

This bitch might be named Misty, but she's no relation to me!

Kai Lowell

You're an awesome Misty. Crusty Misty is...not.


Taco Bell tried to give me their days take once. It was a beautiful moment.


Different restaurants do it differently. :P The one I used to go to 4-10 times a week always got my order right and perfect, even at 3am. The other one less than a mile away but closer to work once gave me a 'triple' consisting of six heavily overcooked offcuts (A burger should not snap when bitten...) and fries that had 'Reagan for president' stickers on them...

Sandman, I've seen stories about that several times... apparently it's pretty common with Taco Bells. :P

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