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Janitorgirl's Night of Retail Hell



Hello, it's Janitorgirl. 

The more I think about what happened tonight the more pissed off I get. My opener G (morning to later afternoon) threw out his back. He called out the day before, but today he decided to tough it out with a back brace; meaning he could not get carts (in decent amounts) or lift the heavy compost bags (I was certain of this because this was the 2nd time he came to work in a back brace). Note G is a college student in his in his early 20's so if he is injured it's serious . 

I had a cashier shift (because there were not enough janitor hours to give coverage) at noon (his lunch time). I saw there were ZERO carts. This meant when he got back he would have to do carts (3-4 carts at at time for about 30 minutes or more.) So I did carts. then I helped put on the back because the cashier managers volunteered janitor team to clear grocery's food trash. 

EVERY expired item, put back item, - cart after cart of food trash- was now our problem. I got caught. Cashier manager V said "Janitorgirl you're listed as a cashier? why are you back here?"

G came to me defense, he lied and said he begged me to help. He tried to get her to let me help until the afternoon rush  (which would have gven me 2 hours to help him) but she said no. why? because Schedule= cashier. no other reason. 

He told me to continue on trash while he pulled her to the side and pleaded his case= if I could get trash done he could get bathrooms done, and when closer came he could do carts,but - nope schedule= cashier.

I went back to the lanes then burst into tears. From the days I was on opening I knew how hard it was to do 1. yesterday's trash 2. grocery's trash 3. carts 4. bathrooms. And to do it all with a back brace? This was epic BS. I even told my favorite manager who said "they make your team do grocery's trash? That doesn't sound right at all."

The kicker? I am legally entitled to 2 breaks (the first I used to splash eater on my face and stop hyperventilating) for my last break I cleared my line and went to the other cashier manager and said "Can I go on my last break?" she said sure. Then V came up behind me and said "You can go help in the back if you want?"

Meaning -You can take your break or help your teammates. You can guess what I chose; breaks are overrated. 

Thanks for letting me vent. 

May all your managers be kind.






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