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Carolanne choke a bitchFrom: musicalcats

Yet another day at the well-known retail chain as a front-end supervisor.

I was called over to a cash register due to a can of dog food not scanning up. This was not a matter of a price discrepancy, but rather a message of "ITEM NOT FOUND" popping up onto the screen. Our store recently has implemented a policy which takes the customers' word at face value (which is another story in itself). I looked up and it was a woman I recognized, and I remember her as being notoriously rude. I decide to see if I can get this over with quickly.

Me: Do you remember what the price for this was on the shelf?

Lady: UGH! I don't know! I think it was, like, a dollar.

Alrighty. Clearly she either doesn't know, or wants to get the item at a cheaper price.

Me: I'll have to go and get the price off of the shelf! I'll be right back, please wait a moment.

She remains silent and I speed walk to the pets department. As a supervisor I am not supposed to leave the front of the store, but knowing how rude this woman can be I want to be as quick as possible. I get the price off of the shelf ($1.37) and walk back to the register in around sixty seconds.

Me: Alright, they are $1.37 each!

I tell the cashier how to enter the item in, as she had four cans. I hear her screeching voice which causes me to look up:

Carolanne hat tipLady: Are you going to pay me for my time?!

Me: /sass

Lady: Well, I get the first one for free. That's what it says in your scanning code of practice, but I want them ALL for free!

Me: Yes, the scanning code of practice applies when an item scans at an incorrect price, not when it does not scan at all. That policy does not apply for your items.

Lady: WELL! I've been standing here for TEN MINUTES, and the people behind me had to leave because I was holding up the line!

The one customer behind her when I left was still there, now looking at me awkwardly. I honestly think this woman forgot that I am the same person who went down to the pets department, as I took less than one minute.

Me: Well, what would you like me to do?

She hands the cashier money and shakes her head furiously, grumbling to herself.

Me: I am sorry for your inconvenience, I thought I was quick. Was I not quick enough??

She refuses to look at me and grits her teeth. I smile.

Me: Okay! Have a nice day!

I walk away. The cashier tells me later that she wanted the corporate number to complain about me. The cashier told her the number was on the wall at customer service, but the woman said that it would be a "waste of time" and left the store. I'm sure we'll see her next week.




Misty Meanor

Sounds like someone just needed reasons to complain.

Kai Lowell

Sounds like my sister...she's not happy unless she's unhappy and loudly letting everyone know it.


Some people truly have nothing better to do with their time.

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