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PET45From: karrachr000

Rules of working retail.

  • Read the customers mind.
  • Give the customer what they want, not what they ask for (see above)
  • The customer will not listen to you the first several times you tell them something.
  • Customers should not be expected to read.
  • The customer is always right, especially when they are not.
  • The louder a customer is, the more right they are (see above).





A recurring theme in my place of work is:

"I need a washer for my tap"
"I need a part from my central heating boiler"
"I need a seat/part for my loo"
"I need a part for my shower mixer"

"What do you mean they're all different?"

Sometimes we can help via the use of a photo or make, model, year it was made etc, but customer charades ( it's this big by this wide and has 3 syllables) only works if you've been to thier house, but we always explain we don't keep spares because we would have to keep every spare of every product by every manufacturer and need a warehouse the size of a small country.

But as rule three states, they never listen.

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