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Sale hellFrom: RansomedSquirrel

Maybe it’s just me but I hate the “sale” system that’s so prevalent. Some retailers have a standard price that’s reasonable, and occasionally they put things on sale to drive customers. This is fine.

The other method, that I hate and see right through, is the “everything is on sale all the time" mentality.

…. (I’m looking at you, Kohl’s!)

All this does is obscure the real worth of the goods. At the grocery store, if the price is regularly $3 for something, you know that’s roughly what it’s “worth,” or at least a fair market value. If it’s on sale, you’re getting a deal. At AllOnSaleMart, you’d be paying too much if it’s not on sale. 

To make a long story short…. if everything is on sale, then nothing is.





Hey! Don't look at me!


...so? 'Manufacturer suggested retail price' is a fiction. Who cares what the store says its worth? What matters is how much you're paying for it, and whether you think it's worth that much or not. If it is, buy it. If it isn't, don't. Not rocket surgery...

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