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Notice the price of $20/kilogram? That isn't the United States dollar they're pricing in. Other countries that use "dollar" currency include Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, and Suriname.

In one of those countries, it's perfectly possible that the name of the fruit is "babana". Even if not, I suspect the seller is trying to appeal to tourists in a language not her own, and my (for instance) Dutch spelling is not good enough to let me laugh at a Surinamese person's English spelling.


Anyone else had a Minion voice in their say babana?

Kai Lowell

I did, Drew.

I'm willing to cut this shop some slack too. It looks as if it's not in a primarily English-speaking country.


Babana-fana-fo-fana fee-fi-mo-mana.


The fact that I played Ni no Kuni and they call bananas "Babanas," I had to do a double take simply because I'm a huge nerd.

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