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Carolanne argh 4From: Quik Stop

It's time for a bookstore story!

One time the phone rang. This was not uncommon, and actually I usually preferred phone people to those actually in the store so I picked up.

Me: "Good morning, Nobble Barnes, how may I help you."

Her: "Yes, hello... I'm looking for a book."

Me: "Well, we have plenty of em, which one is it that you're looking for?"

Her: "Well, I'm not sure exactly of the title."

Me: "Ok, what do you know about the book, I'll try to figure it out."

Her: "Well, I know that it has an author."

Freddy face patMe: "Ok, well that describes...every book ever. What else do you know?"

Her: "Well, I know that it's blue and it's this big."

Me: "Erhm, how big??"

Her: "This big!"

Me: "You realize I can't SEE you over the phone... right?"

Her: ::embarrassed:: "Oh, I'm sorry." ::Hangs up::

--Quik Stop




Reminds me of the lady who told me she'd know the book when she saw it... over the phone. :-P

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