Well, If They Ask You This In An Interview.. You Can Now Ruin Their Fun
NYC Restaurant Makes the Most of their Letter Rating From The Health Department



Its Australia, you would had thought that they would be use to such things, me however would had burnt the house down, and then estimated the bill.

Tech Support Survivor

I would have so noped it out of there *shudder* if it has more legs than my cat I'm running away.

Kai Lowell

Australia: where everything wants to kill you.


For anyone with the guts to google it: funnel-web spider. For those that don't dare: very poisonous, and quite aggressive too.


I googled.

Yeah, would have noped it the heck out of there in 2 seconds flat.


SO much nope.

Misty Meanor

I have massive arachnophobia! If it were a really big spider, I'd definitely beat a hasty retreat!


I love funnel Web spiders! Not enough to meet one personally or have to unhook it from my skin...

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