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Carolanne 010aa

From an RHUer:

Me: Ok, to take your check for this purchase I need to see your driver’s license or state ID with the info matching the preprinted information on this check.

Custy: Sure, here.

Me: I am sorry but the address does not match.

Custy: Oh. Wrong one, here.

Me: Well this one does have the correct address but a different name.

Custy: Can’t you use the name from one and the address from the other? The both have my photo on them.

Me: Strangely enough it does not work that way. I need your one license to have both a matching name and address.

Custy: OK, let me find it.

(Custy pulls out more than a dozen licenses all with different names and addresses and roots through them until he finds the one that matches.)

Custy: Ok, here.

Me: You know what, I am not going to take your check.

Custy: Why not? I have the matching license!

Me: You have IDs that prove you have more than a dozen different names and live in a score of different places. You are standing in front of me and I have no idea who you are or where to contact you if the check comes up bad. When you can prove that you are everyone it really means that you are no one. And we do not take checks from no one. So will this be cash? I am pretty sure that I will not be taking your card either.




M.L. Rey Mehlhorn

I have heard that technically it is illegal to carry multiple state-issued IDs? Different types of ID, sure, but to carry more than one of the same kind, ie. 2 or more unexpired driver's licenses is illegal. If your address changes and you don't have a new ID yet, there is a paper amendment you can get from the DMV to carry with the ID, I've been in that situation before, but holy crap that guy sounds shady as fuck. How he even got that many diff IDs legally makes me wonder if they weren't fake anyway.

And who uses checks anymore except older people?

Misty Meanor

Sounds like a criminal right then and there.

Kai Lowell

I've used checks, and I'm only nearly 29. Sam's Club didn't take Visa debit cards up until recently.

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