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PET70From: ineverwinanything

I went to Gadzooks (does anyone remember that store!?) with a pocket full of cash one day back when that store was more "alternative."

Anyway. I went in, hadn't touched a thing and one of the employees came up and said, "Don't unfold anything unless you're going to buy it."

I was so pissed off I turned around and left. Other people had told me the same thing happened to them.

I never have been one to make a mess, my mom is super anal about that and taught me never to do that when I was growing up (she was a manager for express in the 80's and went to school for fashion merchandising. She's one of the good ones.)

...Then I got a job at Hollister.

Damn, wow. I can't even explain how much folding sucks.

Made it impossible for me to ever work in a clothing store again. I won't ever, ever do it.





And I'm guessing that's why they're out of business now. I understand, folding clothes suck, little hellspawns that pull everything off the shelf suck, bitchy parents who can't be bothered to clean up after their crotch droppings, or themselves, suck, but if you're going to give everyone a bitchy attitude the second they walk in the door, you're not going to get any customers, good or bad.


I understand the monotonous hell of folding. But if an employee had come up to me like that, I would've told her to keep her unprofessional attitude at home; Yeah, folding can be annoying and I understand wanting only the paying customers to touch things. But you keep that attitude hidden, no matter how shitty you are feeling. Especially since I haven't DONE anything yet.

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