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Dumbass 3From: mistress_compersion

Short story but I got a good chuckle out of it.

A customer was spelling her company name out to me. Her company name starts with 'C'.

She said: "C like Kansas."

I mention I hadn't caught the first letter of her company name.

She says: "C like Kansas. C - a - n - s - a - s."

Me: "......Ok, got it. Thanks. C like cat."

Her: "Yes, or Kansas."





At the big red Z, a friend once had an Indian caller say in all seriousness, "H like eagle". Even repeated it several times when asked to clarify...

After that, we found a list of evil phonetics, all accurate but confusing. Things like K as in Knife, E like in eye, P as in Pneumatic...


"Her: "Yes, or Kansas.""
Me: "Kansas is spelled with a k. Google it."

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